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Honored Employees


Shirley Stroud was an employee at Lakeside Inn and Casino who many of our guests and staff knew and loved. Shirley demonstrated attitude, courage, and a caring character in dimensions that are an inspiration to many of the "We." In memory and honor of Shirley, we believe it is fitting to recognize other people with an award bearing her name.

Jorge Gonzalez  

Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge was selected for his continual positive attitude.  Jorge has worked at Lakeside Inn since 1994 and has brought his positive attitude to each of the areas he has worked over the years – Accounting, Cage, Payroll and all of his current areas.  Jorge positively motivates his staff.  He is always agreeable to new challenges and takes them on with a smile.  Thank you, Jorge, for your daily contributions.  It is our privilege to work with you.

Sandy Shields  

Sandy Shields

Sandy Shields, Casino Services Lead Host, was selected to receive the Shirley Stroud Award and was honored at a gathering to celebrate this special recognition.  Sandy was selected for her daily display of her positive attitude, which she has been sharing since 1986.  She has great relationships with her co-workers who enjoy working, laughing, and having fun with her. She has created many loyal guests and has warm and long-lasting relationships with them.  Congratulations, Sandy!  It is our privilege to work with you.

Luke Bronken  

Luke Bronken

Our fifth selection for this award is Luke Bronken from Race/Sports/Beverage. Luke was selected for his consistent upbeat, friendly and welcoming attitude. Luke always has a smile and a friendly greeting for guests and co-workers. Thanks, Luke, for bringing your fabulous attitude to Lakeside each day. Congratulations!


Dave Robberson

Dave Robberson, Food Manager, has been selected as the fourth recipient of the Shirley Stroud Award. His excellent guest service, caring character, and outstanding 'We' attitude made him the perfect candidate for this award.

Dave has displayed all of these qualities and many more since being hired in 1996. It is an honor and a privilege to have him as part of our staff. Congratulations, Dave!

Donna Kirchoff  

Donna Kirchoff

Longtime Slot Keyperson and relief Shift Supervisor, Donna Kichoff, was awarded Lakeside Inn’s special Shirley Stroud Excellence Award for the outstanding personal recognition and warm, friendly service she consistently provides our guests. Shirley will always be with us in spirit and we feel she would be pleased with our choice. Like Shirley, Donna has always been one of our guests’ favorite staff members. Guests return to Lakeside Inn day after day, year after year to see her.

Patty Soleta  

Patty Soleta

We are proud to announce that Patty Soleta, Housekeeping Supervisor, is the recipient of the Shirley Stroud Excellence Award. Patty has worked in the Housekeeping Department since Lakeside opened in 1985, always going beyond what is expected of her. On her own initiative she sewed custom drapes in the executive suite. Guests often ask Patty to decorate their rooms for a birthday party they are having.

Patty does all this without hesitation even though it burdens her busy schedule. Thanks, Patty, for your caring attitude and for being an excellent example of the Mission Statement in action.

Rick Hanson  

Rick Hanson

We are proud to announce that Rick Hanson, Games Dealer, is the recipient of the Shirley Stroud Excellence Award.

“I could always count on Ricky, whether it be for help in solving difficult situations or being there when I needed him. Ricky always had Lakeside in mind.” -Bill Wagoner



We are fortunate to have such great staff!  Time and time again, we are told that "it's the staff" as the reason why our guests keep coming back to Lakeside!  Congrats and thank you to these excellent members of our team who are nominated and voted on by their peers.


June 2016 — Sammy Perez

Chef Samuel Perez joined the food department in 2002 and currently holds the Assistant Room Chef Supervisor position in Latin Soul. Sammy is a key element in maintaining excellent food quality and consistency during the breakfast and lunch periods. Besides delivering great food and being a very creative chef, Sammy is a hard worker, team player, reliable and dependable.  He has worked six days a week on several occasions and always does it with a great attitude and willingness to help. Sammy is well liked and respected by his co-workers and supervisors.  He is friendly, cooperative, approachable and a lot of fun to be around. Thank you, Sammy, for your loyalty, hard work and dedication to Lakeside Inn and the food department. Congratulations!!!



May 2016 — Norma Maldonado

Norma Maldonado has been working at Lakeside Inn for 22 years. Norma wears many hats in the housekeeping department including Housekeeper, Houseperson, Inspector, Trainer and Supervisor, depending on what is needed of her on any given day. Norma has amazing attention to detail, and models the Lakeside cleaning standards to the other housekeepers. Norma is a team player and often works long hours to make sure our guest rooms are ready for our arriving guests. She works tirelessly and makes herself available to do whatever it takes to accomplish to goals of the "We". She gives the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. Thank you, Norma, for your hard work and dedication! "We" truly appreciate all that you do.



April 2016 — Joey Rosselle

Joey began working at Lakeside Inn in 2001. One of Joey's greatest qualities is his work ethic. He makes sure that each of our 316 slot machines and kiosks are fully functioning on a daily basis. Joey tackles any project that he is assigned with a great attitude. His technical skills have expanded over the years to keep pace with the ever changing technology in the gaming industry.We appreciate your hard work and dedication. Thank you for being an important part of our team.


March 2016 — Jose Quintero

Jose Quintero is a five-year veteran in the kitchen. He is currently a prep cook in The Timbers on swing shift. From the first day at work, Jose proved to be hardworking, dedicated and very reliable with a keen eye for attention to detail. Jose is an excellent team player and gets along well everyone. Jose has tirelessly worked extra days for months at the time, always with a great attitude and a helpful spirit. Because of his work ethic and excellent attitude, Jose has earned the respect and admiration of his peers and supervisors. On behalf of the food department, we compliment Jose Quintero for such outstanding performance and congratulate him on becoming Lakeside’s Employee of the Month. We appreciate your hard work and continuous dedication to the Food Department. Thank you for being an important part of our team.

Tara Quade  

February 2016 — Tara Quade

Tara started in the Sports/Race/Beverage department in 2010 and is now a Casino Services Host.  She can be seen everyday with a smile on her face, serving our guests. Tara knows many of our guests by name and their favorite drink!  Her positive, friendly demeanor is demonstrated each day with our guests.


January 2016 — Beatrice Cocoletzi

Beactrice began her employment at Lakeside Inn in 1998.  She has become such an asset to Latin Soul, always available to work an extra shift or stay a little bit longer to make sure everything is taken care of.  She takes great pride in her work and makes the guests meals memorable with her friendly smile all while remembering guest’s faces and favorite dishes.  Beatrice, thank you for your hard work and dedication to Lakeside and our guests!

Jose Ubias  

December 2015 — Jose Ubias

Jose Ubias started working in the kitchen as a dishwasher in June 2012.  Due to his excellent performance, Jose was promoted to the prep cook position in Latin Soul. From the beginning, Jose showed he is a hardworking, dedicated and reliable individual.  Jose is generous in nature and he is an incomparable teammate.  Thank you, Jose, for being one of the most effective, hardest working members of the kitchen department.


November 2015 — Warren Margrave

Warren uses his gift of gab and his long history at Lakeside to provide outstanding guest service.  It is fair to say Warren is truly part of the Lakeside family.  Warren has worked at Lakeside since 2002.  During these years he has worked in the Cage, Keno, Sports, Beverage and now in The Poker Room.  In The Poker Room, Warren makes our guests feel at home.  He is friendly and helpful with everyone.  His positive attitude and flexibility to take on new responsibilities make him a valued team player.  Thank you, Warren, for being part of our family.  Congratulations!

Tim Kern  

October 2015 — Tim Kern

Tim has been a valuable member of The Timbers Restaurant since July 2012.  He can work multiple positions in the restaurant and has a great working knowledge of the menu.   He brings a positive energy to work every day and takes great care of our guests.  Tim is truly a team player.  Thank you, Tim, for your contributions and the great service you provide to our guests.  Congratulations!


September 2015 — Manuel Flores

Manuel has been a valuable member of the Facilities Maintenance Department since May of 1994. He is always ready to help our guests and his co-workers. He knows what it means to “anticipate and personally strive to exceed our guests’ expectations” (as stated in our Mission Statement).

Thanks, Manuel, for your wonderful attitude and being part of the “WE” at Lakeside Inn.  Congratulations!

Jerry Jacosalem  

August 2015 — Jerry Jacosalem

Jerry came to Lakeside Inn and Casino in July of 2014 and quickly became a valued member of our Security Department.  He brings with him a strong work ethic.  Jerry is eager and always willing to help out fellow employees and guests.  He excels at balancing friendliness and fun with the more serious side of being a Lakeside Security Officer.  Congratulations, Jerry!  You deserve this great honor.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Devon Jackson  

July 2015 — Devon Jackson

Devon is very energetic and does not hesitate to help his co-workers with the best attitude.  We are so happy that Devon has joined the Warehouse; he brings such fun to work with him each day.  He tackles any assignment with enthusiasm.  He has made great strides in learning all about the Warehouse and maintains a consistent service level to all of the other departments.  Devon is positive and professional, making it a true pleasure to work with him.  Thanks, Devon, for your wonderful attitude and being part of the “WE” at Lakeside Inn.

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